T.R.A.I.N: Ginkgo Residential Mentor Program

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T.R.A.I.N.: Ginkgo Residential Mentor Program

Ginkgo Residential's Human Resource Manager, Richard Lacalamito, and Director of Training & Development, Darline Cobb, both contributed to the synopsis of the TRAIN program below. Ginkgo's Director of Property Management, Josie Nasife, played an integral part with her vision to implement the program which has been a success. Darline Cobb oversees the program and from its infancy has done a phenomenal job to ensure Ginkgo's associates are equipeed with resources and tools to be successful in his or her role.

Richard Lacalamito

According to Mentoring.org "1 in 3 young people will grow up without a mentor." Research shows that mentoring relationships has a significant positive impact. Read on to hear about Ginkgo Residential's Mentor Program, TRAIN, and from some of their employees that have been impacted by the program.

The training program at Ginkgo Residential or T.R.A.I.N. stands for Teams Reaching Achievement In Numbers" provides top notch, peer-to-peer training and mentoring to newly hired associates. As an extension of the training department, this program provides mentoring that is consistent, encourages relationship building and provides direct support to all associates. Additionally, it gives current associates the ability to lead by example and creates lift to their role by providing leadership opportunities to showcase their talents in the field.

Darline Cobb

All mentors go through a rigorous nomination, interview, and selection process which ensures Ginkgo's top talent is providing training and mentoring. All mentors provide direct, one-on-one training over several weeks or months until a newly hired associate is comfortable in their new role.

Josie Nasife

Since this program's inception in 2016, Ginkgo has identified 25 mentors in various roles and has provided direct mentoring to over 90 associates. This program has been largely successful, just check out what some of their mentors and new associates have to say about the program:

“As a trainer/mentor, the T.R.A.I.N. program has flourished and has allowed me the opportunity to showcase my skills, knowledge and talents with other associates. Under the program, I personally find that new associates are more confident in their decision-making process & develop a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.”
Latoya Patterson, Regional Property Manager

“I really appreciated the uninterrupted time that you allotted for the hands-on training. It was very beneficial to have the training on my property, so we could train on an actual task that needed to be completed. After training, we experienced an increased productivity which resulted in a 6 percent decrease in delinquency.”
Michelle Hammond, Assistant Manager

“Coming into this industry knowing absolutely nothing has been incredibly challenging but with the help of my wonderful manager Peaches and awesome trainer Jackie, I feel like I can accomplish anything! They have been so encouraging and helpful no matter the circumstances. I am so impressed with how well the training program is set up for Ginkgo Residential!”
Paige Evans, Leasing Agent

“Ginkgo's training program is by far one of the most helpful and effective programs I've experienced in my 10-year Property Management career. Having a clear training schedule/checklist and a knowledgeable mentor dedicated to my success in learning my new role made all the difference in the world. I was able to easily transition into my new role because of hands-on, focused training relating directly to my daily job responsibilities. However, what I continue to find most impressive is Ginkgo's helpful spirit. I'm lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people; committed to excellence and setting the standard in Property Management!”
Peaches Lipscomb, Property Manager

“Ginkgo T.R.A.I.N. Program is essential to teach new hires and newly promoted team members the skills necessary to dominate their newly acquired positions. To be a Trainer you must have a passion for the multi-family industry; because this task is highly time-consuming but extremely rewarding.”
Liz Cherry, Property Manager

“There is nothing more rewarding than knowing an employee that you trained succeeded in their position and really gave it their all to be the best employee Ginkgo Residential could have.”
Susan Cobb, Property Manager

“Being a member of the Ginkgo training and mentoring department has been so rewarding to me. I have been trusted with introducing new employees to Ginkgo’s policies and procedures and embracing them with practical and technical skills needed to prepare the new individual for his or her position. Providing one on one training with an experienced leader of the organization is fundamental and allows the new associate to see first-hand the different facets of the position and the company vision. I love training and developing individuals and being a part of this wonder department not only is essential to new employees but is very vital to me as a leader as I continue to provide formal and informal ongoing training to new associates of the organization.”
Tarcha Leak, Property Manager

“I enjoyed being part of the Ginkgo T.R.A.I.N Program as a trainer. I get to travel to other properties and work with new team members and watch them grow and succeed in their position.”
Bob Riedell, Service Manager

“I have been a part of the TRAIN program since its inception about a year ago. Since that time, I have helped to train two Property Managers at a tax credit property, two maintenance team members for policies and procedures, two assistant managers, and two leasing agents. I was very excited to see this program begin and to be accepted in to this program. When I first started with Ginkgo five years ago, there was no training program in place. I was a first-time leasing agent and had never worked in the industry before. My hiring manager ended up leaving the company to return to school only two months after I was hired. I had no training and was left to run the property by myself. I would have LOVED to have had a trainer that I could have called upon when I needed help! Someone to walk me through the proper way of doing things. I had to learn quickly to keep up with the pace and I made mistakes along the way. I think that my experience helped me to be an effective trainer. I train all my employees like this is their first job. I stress to them that they will make mistakes, and that is ok, we all do. The TRAIN program allows new employees to not only learn the basics but also to have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough and a mentor to guide them through. It teaches them that we have all been there and understand what they are going through as new employees. The TRAIN program is not just a learning program but a human program. It allows everyone involved to work as a family, as a team, to grow and achieve greatness together.”
Renee’ Pontillo, Property Manager

A special thank you to Latoya Patterson, Ginkgo Residential Regional Property Manager, for assisting with this article.


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