Sponsorship & Signage Guidelines

Non-Sponsor Vendor Admission

In consideration of our valued Sponsors and their substantial investment in the Conference, we do not permit non-sponsoring vendors to purchase admission at our owner/operator attendee prices or to visit the Conference for free (“the Policy”). Any attempt to do so will result in strict enforcement of the policy. Should you register online at the owner/operator rate, you will be notified and issued a refund or be assisted with transferring your registration to the Non-Sponsoring vendor rate (note: any registrations after 4/1/25 will not be entitled to any refund).

The following rates are offered for Non-Sponsoring Vendors; registration will open in December 2024:
Full Conference Registration (5/12/25 - 5/14/25) per Non-Sponsoring Vendor: $543

Note for Lobby Day Participants Only: Non-Sponsoring Vendors are not required to pay any fees to participate in AANC visits to the North Carolina Legislature as part of Lobby Day. AANC appreciates your valuable support and always encourages you to participate in advocating for issues important to our members and to the rental industry. To participate in Lobby Day, please coordinate with your local apartment association and meet us directly at the Legislature. Admission only applies if a vendor attempts to enter the Raleigh Convention Center without a Conference Lanyard and Registered Name Badge.

Signage/Graphics Submission Guidelines

A company logo must be submitted by all sponsors at the time they secure a sponsorship. All graphics and logos should be submitted as an EPS or other high-resolution format. All graphics should be set to size. For exact dimensions of layout needed for any signage, please contact the AANC Office. Preferred file formats are Illustrator, InDesign, and PhotoShop. The ideal format is EPS and must be at least 300 DPI in resolution (images taken from the Web and similar bitmap images are low resolutions and will not print properly). Convert all fonts to outlines and embed images and logos where possible. PDF files are acceptable, but please include the original graphic source file. Crop marks and bleeds (if any) must be present for proper guidance when printing. A color print of your artwork should always be included for our reference. We do not accept files created in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Powerpoint. All graphics for signage must be submitted by Friday, March 1, 2025 – or else you will not have signage. By signing this agreement, you and your company agree that AANC is not liable or responsible for any errors in logo design or signage or similar indicia, especially if your company does not comply with the above requirements.

Commitment Agreement 

By registering, you and your company agree to the following terms: (i) Payment in full must be made in full within 30 days of ordering the Sponsorship if ordered on or before February 26, 2025, and if ordered on or after February 27, 2025, payment shall be due on the earlier of 10 days from the order or March 28, 2025. If payment is not received as provided in this section, the requested trade show/sponsorship may be released but such failure to pay shall be deemed a Cancellation subject to the Cancellation Policy below; (ii) if your company desires to cancel, you may only do so by giving notice in writing sent to the Apartment Association of North Carolina (AANC), but your purchase is non-refundable after January 15, 2025. For sponsorships, exhibit booth, and/or signage canceled after January 15, 2025, the full amount shall be immediately due and is considered to be liquidated and agreed upon damages, for the injuries the AANC will suffer as a result of your companies cancellation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if AANC is able to re-sell your sponsorship, exhibit booth, and/or signage in the normal course of business, AANC will reimburse the canceling company for amounts paid toward the canceled sponsorship, exhibit booth, and/or signage less any costs incurred in obtaining the new sponsorship, exhibit booth, and/or signage. For computations of the dates herein, the date of the cancellation of the sponsorship, exhibit booth, and/or signage shall be the first business day after AANC receives actual notice of the cancellation; (iii) if you agree to purchase additional signage, it must be paid immediately by credit card or, if you selected payment by invoice, you agree to pay for such signage within 30 days of invoice or March 1, 2025, whichever occurs first; (vi) AANC shall not be liable for any refunds, credits, or any compensation unless upon a showing of willful or gross negligence on the part of AANC or its staff in the providing of the services described herein; (vii) failure to pay any amount owed when due will result in your company not having signage, admittance to, or a reserved space at the Conference; (viii) AANC reserves the right to change all schedules, locations, and agenda items for the Conference at any time and for any reason in its discretion.