About AANC

Serving the rental housing industry since 1986

Mission Statement

The Apartment Association of North Carolina is a statewide organization dedicated to supporting its members through meaningful advocacy, education and services.


Affordable housing, quality construction, and professional management are some of the objectives of the AANC. Because housing is a basic need, apartment production and operation are subject to ever-increasing demands for higher standards of safety, habitability, security, environmental controls, design, and management. The AANC is committed to protecting the affordability of rental housing while maintaining the safety, livability, and security of its members and their residents and the properties at which they reside.

Areas of Focus

Landlord-Tenant Law | Fair Housing | North Carolina Building Code
State Statutes | Environmental Regulations | NC Real Estate Commission Rules
NC Utilities Commission Rules | Court Cases | Local Ordinances

How to Join

When you join your local apartment association, you become a member of AANC! Learn more here.