AANC Leadership Lyceum

AANC Leadership Lyceum

The AANC Leadership Lyceum is a series of programming aimed at identifying, training, and empowering emerging leaders within AANC. 

Criteria & Qualifications

Each Lyceum class will be a maximum of 14 participants per year.

All owner/operator Lyceum participants are nominated by their local association. AANC's President may appoint 1 additional participant, and the AANC State Suppliers Council may appoint up to 3 supplier participants. 

Lyceum participants should be actively involved with their local association and have served at least 2 years on a committee. Additionally, Lyceum participants should not currently be or previously have served on the AANC Board of Directors. 

Program Cost

There is no cost to the owner/operator participant for the Leadership Lyceum Program. There is a cost of $250 for each supplier participant. 

Participants (or their Affiliate/Company) are responsible for all travel and lodging costs. 

Timeline & Program Curriculum 

Additional information including registration will be available in late 2019. 

  • January 2020 - Association Management & Leadership
  • March 2020 - Leadership in Multifamily
  • May 2020 - Legislative Advocacy & Graduation

Learn More & Download the Program Participant Form
Program participant form will be accepted in late 2019

Pictured are participants from the inaugarul AANC Leadership Lyceum Class. (Standing the back row: Latoya Patterson, Thomas White, Maria Barker, Kym Shoults, Chris Webster, Jr., Lynn Ackerman; Sitting in front row: Susan Passmore, Ken Szymanski, Teresa Sandman)