AANC Leadership Lyceum

Now accepting nominations for the Class of 2021!

The AANC Leadership Lyceum program is a prestigious education series aimed at identifying, training, and empowering emerging leaders within AANC. 

Brian Brand (Guardian Construction)
Stephanie Caudill (Full House Marketing)
Heather Gonzalez (Morganton Management)
Jesse Jenkins (Valet Living)
Michelle Jordan (Burkely Communities)
Kelli Lea (Greystar)
Bethany Lykins (BSC Holdings Inc.)
Chris Moffett (Middleburg Management)
Elizabeth Riley (The Liberty Group)
Franklin Rodriguez (Blue Ridge Companies)
Kena Sims (Carlisle Residential Properties)
Karen Spaid (Pinnacle)
Deidre Wilson (Blue Ridge Companies)

2021 Timeline & Program Curriculum 

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  • January 2021 - Association Management & Leadership
  • March 2021 - Legislative Advocacy 
  • May 2021 - Leadership in Multifamily  + Graduation


CLASS OF 2020!

Chris Fortune
(Red Rhino Group)
Rachel Garavito Young (Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC)
Stephanie Hovis (Greystar)
Betsy Kirkpatrick (BG Multifamily)
Jessica Kiser (Kensington Place Apartments)
Craig Nardi (Willow Creek Properties)
Cindy Nitschke 
Jennifer Pittman (A-Venture Management)
Jay Rawls (My Niche Apartments)
Christopher Smith (Greystar)
Leah Vinansky (Powerhouse)
Stacey Wilfong (Bell Partners)

Criteria & Qualifications

Each Lyceum class will be a maximum of 14 participants per year.

All owner/operator Lyceum participants are nominated by their local association. AANC's President may appoint 1 additional participant, and the AANC State Suppliers Council may appoint up to 3 supplier participants. 

Lyceum participants should be actively involved with their local association and have served at least 2 years on a committee. Additionally, Lyceum participants should not currently be or previously have served on the AANC Board of Directors. 

Program Cost

There is no cost to the owner/operator participant for the Leadership Lyceum Program. There is a cost of $250 for each supplier participant. 

Participants (or their Affiliate/Company) are responsible for all travel and lodging costs. 

2020 Leadership Lyceum Sponsor

Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC - GCAA
Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC - GCAA
PO Box 78058
Charlotte, NC 28271

2020 Leadership Lyceum Breakfast Sponsor

Camp Construction
Camp Construction
15139 S. Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77053
Drucker + Falk Multifamily
Drucker + Falk Multifamily
7200 Creedmoor Rd., #300
Raleigh, NC 27613-1711