AANC Committees

AANC offers its members the opportunity to volunteer through seven different committees.
Leadership Development Committee: Coming Soon
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Education Committee

Chair: Mary Gwyn
Vice Chair: Mindy McCorkle

The AANC Education Committees serves as a leading education resource for North Carolina's rental housing industry, managing statewide education programs and supporting affiliate education offerings.

Committee Volunteers
- Mary Gwyn
- Charity Ellis
- Mindy McCorkle
- Kelly Noble
- Latoya Patterson
- Angela Raupp
- Kelly Rodriguez
- Rebecca Rosario-Bueno
- Stacey Wilfong
- Carrie Langley
- Stacey Wilfong
- Natalie Hart
- Andy Meador
- Tara Gerberich 
- Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio 
- Terry Ragland
- Staff Liaison: Tracy Hankins

Governance Committee

Chair: Catina Rhinehart
Vice Chair: Norm Praet

- Maria Barker
- Parry Cobb
- Amy Ritchy
- Staff Liaison: Joshua Dick

Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Susan Passmore
Vice Chair: Norm Praet

Through collaboration, education, and commitment to AANC PAC, represent the interests of the residential property management industry and communicate those interests to members, the public, and elected officials. Deliberate over legislative issues impacting the rental property management industry, assist the AANC Board with crafting AANC's position, and propose legislative agendas to the Board of Directors.

Committee Volunteers
- Susan Passmore
- Norm Praet
- Jonathan Elliot
- Fred Kicsak
- Betsy Kirkpatrick
- Craig Nardi
- Chris Smith
- Jonathan Tee
- Brian Landreth
- Cliff Rogers
- Amy Timocko
- Katy Boone
- Dustin Engelken
- Jon Lowder
- Kim Graham
- Michelle Manns
- Staff Liaison: Janae Moore

Membership Committee

Chair: Todd Whitlow
Vice Chair: Tami Fossum

The mission of the AANC Membership Committee is to increase membership across North Carolina through growth and retention. The Membership Committee will work toward initiatives that support our local affiliates in achieving their individual goals and serving as a liaison for the local affiliate to both state and national associations. 

The committee will develop, promote, and deliver AANC products and services - to include but not limited to the AANC Lease and AANC Legal Handbook - that are valuable resources for its members yet create sustainable revenue for AANC. 

Committee Volunteers
- Todd Whitlow
- Tami Fossum
- Gina Carter
- Michelle Chesson

- Alisha LaPorte
- Elizabeth Riley
- Joshua Jenson
- Karen Perkins
- Staff Liaison: Tracy Hankins

NextGen Committee

Chair: Stephanie Loyd
Vice Chair: Julie Chu Zhang

The AANC NextGen Committee engages future leaders of the apartment industry by providing resources they need to lead, learn, and be successful in the multifamily industry.

Committee Volunteers
- Stephanie Loyd
- Julie Chu Zhang
- Rob Boggs
- Joshua Owen
- Betsy Kirkpatrick
- Jonathan Tee
- Parry Cobb
- Shane Raby
- Lindsay Sandford
- Staff Liaison: Janae Moore

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Lisa Taylor
Vice Chair: Chris Loebsack

Develop and implement comprehensive, technology-driven strategies that promote member engagement and affiliate integration with the AANC; improve AANC's brand recognition; and inform and and engage the membership around news and events relevant to the NC Multifamily Housing Industry.

Committee Volunteers
- Lisa Taylor
- Chris Loebsack
- Stacey Adams
- Chris Fortune
- Catina Rhinehart
- April Vasta
- Betsy Kirkpatrick
- Nikol Edwards
- Kate Irving Jarrell
- Brianna Wood
- Staff Liaison: Janae Moore

State Suppliers Council

Chair: Julie Howe
Vice Chair: Dale Holder

The AANC State Suppliers Council is committed to serve as the voice of the residential property management industry suppliers in North Carolina through goal-oriented collaboration that results in effective advocacy, developing business relationships, and professional growth.

Council Volunteers
- Julie Howe
- Dale Holder
- Jeff Goldman
- Cindy Nitschke
- Rebecca Rosario-Bueno
- Bert Wray
- Joshua Owen
- Chiccorra Connor
- Stephanie Reeser
- Betsy Petruccelli
- Janet Brinkley
- Greg Johnson
- Stephanie Loyd

-Shelbi Beato 

- Staff Liaison: Tracy Hankins