Landlord and Tenant Hope Program Agreement

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*********************This progam is no longer accepting applications.*********************

The Landlord and Tenant Hope Program Agreement has been released. The Hope Program, introduced by Governor Cooper, will provide rental assistance to qualifying North Carolina tenants impacted by COVID-19. Landlords will be required to sign this agreement in order to receive direct rental payments for tenants who have been awarded the state grant. Below you will find some of the terms and conditions; a full listing can be found in the lease agreement.

The Landlord and Tenant Hope Program Agreement

Hope Program

Condition of accepting HOPE Program funds, Landlord: 

  • Landlord agrees to provide documentation to the awarding Community Partner upon request, including verification of an oral lease, W-9 form, and documentation as necessary to obtain disbursement of funds or perform compliance monitoring. 
  • Agrees that they shall not evict Tenant for non-payment of rent, fees, utilities, or other payments required by the lease within 90 days after the last month’s rent paid by HOPE Program on behalf of Tenant, or for the duration of the lease, whichever is longer. Landlord also agrees that they shall not bring an action against Tenant for breach of the lease due to non-payment of rent or fees, and that they are prohibited from bringing a cause of action for collection of debt for rent and fees owed that are paid by HOPE Program assistance.
  • Agrees to take any and all actions necessary to dismiss or withdraw current summary ejectment proceedings (eviction) against Tenant immediately upon signing this agreement, including withdrawal of a Writ of Possession. Landlord also agrees to not assess any costs or fees of any kind against Tenant for the dismissed or withdrawn proceedings.
  • Agrees to work with Tenant to forgive or develop an appropriate and reasonable payment plan for rent and fees prior to April 1, 2020 and for all other rent and fees not covered by term of rent assistance.
  • Agrees to not increase the rent or fees for the duration of the lease.
  • Releases tenant from any remaining obligations, fees, or costs for any past due or future rent for which HOPE Program assistance is received.
  • Attests that HOPE Program utility assistance will be immediately directed to the appropriate utility service provider in the instance where Landlord receives utility assistance funds on behalf of Tenant and the lease specifies Tenant is required to pay for those utilities via the Landlord.
  • Acknowledges that the HOPE Program is for the benefit of Tenant, and all provisions of this agreement shall be read in favor of furthering the goals of the HOPE Program to prevent evictions and provide housing stability.
  • Expressly acknowledges that this SECTION A and C(2) OF THIS AGREEMENT IS AN EXPLICIT ADDENDUM TO THE LEASE BETWEEN LANDLORD AND TENANT. If there are inconsistencies between the lease and this addendum, the terms of this addendum prevail. Section C(2) shall further be read as an attestation and obligation of Landlord as a condition of receiving HOPE Program. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

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Janae Moore
AANC Government Affairs Director 

This program is administered by The N.C. Office of Recovery and Resiliency. For questions call 1-888-892-1162.