Hatching Hope - Hurricane Florence Update - Do You Have Available Apartments?

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Hatching Hope - Hurricane Florence Relief

Thank you for all of your support over these last few weeks as we worked with Hatching Hope to bring relief items to the Wilmington area. A few updates we wanted to share:
  • We have a number of people we want to thank and make sure you are aware of the many people that have helped during this effort.

    • Keli Lynch-Wright with Hatching Hope for reaching out to AANC and offering to help. Not only has Keli worked tirelessly behind the scenes, she also drove from Alabama to help disperse relief aid. 

    • Matt Baratta with Tribute Properties has been instrumental in helping communicate with members.

    • Jesse Mcarthur, Christa Prescott, and the Redi Carpet team donated space in their Wilmington warehouse for Hatching Hope.

    • Chris Williams and Stephanie Reeser with RentPath for helping find a place for the Hatching Hope team to stay while they were in Wilmington. 

    • The volunteers who took their time to to help disperse the relief aid items to those in need in Wilmington including those from Blue Ridge Companies, Brookside Properties, Inc., Hatching Hope, HKS Cleaning, LLC, Pine Valley Construction, Redi Carpet, RentPath, Sherwin Williams, and AANC.

And, thank all of you for donating financially, sharing communications, and sharing Hatching Hope's social media posts with your networks. 

It's not too late - there is still time to help those affected by Hurricane Florence. 
  • While we were in Wilmington, we were told by the managers we spoke to, housing is very limited. If you have a community with availability in the Wilmington area, please email kim@aanconline.org and we will get this information to the Wilmington Apartment Association. 

  • Donate: We are still accepting monetary donations through Hatching Hope. 

  • Collect: If you have items or would like to hold a collection, we will work with you to help get the items down to Wilmington. 

    • Some of the most requested items include: cleaning supplies, trash bags, non-perishable food, bottled water, linens, towels, air mattresses, pillows, etc. 

    • Please email kim@aanconline.org if you would like to learn more or would like to hold a collection drive.