NAAEI Credential Exam Code - Updates

NAA News,

As of today, January 7, 2019, the format of all NAAEI credential exams has changed.  All NAAEI exams are now proctored.  This new policy means that credential candidates must take their exams either onsite at an affiliate testing facility with a trained and qualified affiliate proctor, or on their own computers via live online proctoring (LOP).


In addition, both the CAM and CAPS programs now feature a one-part exam. Because of this change, all current CAM and CAPS candidates who need to take or retake their exams have been issued a new exam eligibility code to direct them to the new version of the exam.  Any previously generated CAM or CAPS code will no longer work to schedule an exam.  Please refer to your affiliate exam dashboard to distribute new codes to CAM and CAPS candidates seeking to schedule their exams. The new exam codes will be linked on the dashboard to the CAM Comprehensive Exam or the CAPS Comprehensive Exam.


The eligibility codes for the NALP, CAMT, CAS and IROP exams have not changed; however, candidates for these credentials must now log onto the Castle scheduling site to schedule their exams.


Please distribute these two sets of detailed instructions to assist candidates with scheduling their exams through the Castle Worldwide scheduling site and accessing the exam at the selected time.  Separate instructions for scheduling an exam at an affiliate site will be available in the next day or two.


Advance notice is not required to schedule exams being taken via LOP.  Candidates who are rescheduling their cancelled or failed exams will follow the same scheduling instructions.  Retake and reschedule fees will be charged to the candidate upon login to the scheduling site. The seven-day waiting period between exam retakes remains in effect.

Please direct all questions to NAA Curriculum Developer Amy Allen,