NAA Update from Susan Passmore, NAA Region IV Vice President (March 2021)

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NAA Update from Susan Passmore
NAA Region IV Vice President

Entering into 2021, with our operations still impacted by the pandemic, most organizations continue to adjust to doing business virtually. Over the last few months, we’ve engaged online for awards ceremonies, trade shows, educational sessions, and industry expert presentations. Our associations are working very hard and doing an amazing job supporting us through these challenging times.

NAA’s spring and summer governance meetings, including all committee meetings, and region and Board meetings will be held virtually. Spring Governance is March 23-25. Summer Governance is May 25-27.

Our NAA Region, IV, will be holding regular elections at our virtual May Region meeting for four RVP positions for the 2022-2023 term, as well as a special election to fill one vacant position for the remainder of 2021. Our spring region meeting will be held virtually on March 25th. At that meeting our region needs to approve the Regional Elections Committee that has been constituted and determine the method for electing RVP’s in May. Please be on the lookout for virtual region meeting information.

One thing we have all learned from this is that change is rapid. I encourage you to stay engaged and up to date on all the NAA happenings. Learn more here.

If I can ever be of assistance to you or your association, feel free to reach out.


Susan Passmore l Blue Ridge Companies
NAA Region IV Vice President