Member Highlight: Katy Boone

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Katy Boone
Property Manager, ARIUM Weston of ARIUM Living, a Carroll company 

In the intricate world of multifamily housing, where the delicate balance between community dynamics and operational excellence is paramount, Katy Boone, NAAEI, CAM, CAPS, is a seasoned property manager, overseeing the daily operations for a 380-unit multifamily community in the Triangle market.

With over 15 years of experience, Katy’s venture into the multifamily housing industry began in 2008, amidst the challenges of the housing recession. "Like many others, property management chose me," she reflects. Starting as a leasing professional, her trajectory was swift, and within two-and-a-half years, she found herself at the helm as a Property Manager.

Katy’s commitment to the industry is evident in her leadership roles within AANC and TAA. For AANC, Katy is a member of the Government Affairs Committee and serves on the PAC Board of Trustees. For TAA, she is a member of the Government Affairs Committee (and former co-chair) and the Housing Affordability Subcommittee. Further, Katy serves on the TAA Board of Directors, as well as several other TAA boards, including TAA-PAC Board of Trustees at the Vice President level, the Alliance for Progress in the Triangle Board of Directors, and is a Membership Ambassador.

One of Katy’s proudest achievements is being recognized as Volunteer of the Year at TAA's TOPS Awards in 2022, a testament to her years of dedicated volunteer work. But her commitment does not stop there. She has a long-term goal of teaching a seminar at the AANC annual conference, an event she enjoys participating in every year.

Katy’s motivation stems from the belief that her contributions matter. "Feeling like I'm making a difference and that what I contribute matters to people, motivates me the most," she stated.

Katy encourages those aspiring to get involved to tap into existing networks and explore committees aligned with their passions. Her advice: "Research available committees and attend a few to see what speaks to you. What are you passionate about? I guarantee there is a project or committee that will help fuel that fire and be your launching pad for bigger things to come."

As a supporter of the AANC PAC, Boone emphasizes the importance of building relationships with legislators. Her motivation to contribute stems from the belief that dialogue with elected officials is crucial for addressing industry challenges and fostering success.

A graduate of Old Dominion University, when not working or volunteering, Katy is devoted to her two dogs, Delphina and Harper, and enjoys spending time with her friends seeing live music or singing karaoke. Other pastimes include listening to audio books, crafting, DIY projects, hiking, camping, and wine tasting.