AANC Committees - Meet Your Volunteers - Shane Raby

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Name: Shane Raby
Title: Senior Community Manager
Company: TriBridge Residential
Local NC Affiliate: Greater Charlotte Apartment Association 
Years in Industy: 4 Years
AANC Committee: NextGen Committee

What does volunteer leader mean to you?
The ability to give time for the education and greater benefit of the multifamily industry.

What advice do you have for others who are looking to volunteer with AANC?
Volunteer where you feel passionate. It's good for AANC and your career.

What is your favorite AANC moment?
Got a kick out of convincing people to donate more for the 2019 headshots and massages.

What is one piece of networking advice you would give to others?
Put yourself out there. If you're shy, partner with someone that isn't. Shadow them. #bestyk

How do you define AANC?
Liaison between area associations and statewide/national industry practices/developments.

If time was not an issue, what is one new thing you would like to learn?
There are infinite answers to this question.

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