AANC News,


We find ourselves in a strange time for our industry. On the one hand, we have seen extraordinary successes in the form of high occupancies, escalating rent rates, and unprecedented property valuations. At the same time, however, we have faced unique, ongoing challenges as a result of the pandemic. And although many of us have been hopeful that the worst of those challenges were behind us, it’s become evident that we will likely be dealing with COVID-related issues for months, if not years to come.
In last quarter’s publication, I noted that the business innovations that we’ve been forced to embrace this past year due to the pandemic will help us to better cope with future challenges. I very much believe this to be the case. The multifamily industry, and our peers who work in it alongside us, are a resilient and supportive group. I’ve always marveled at the level of cooperation that we embrace across competing companies and organizations. That attitude of “we’re all in this together” will continue to serve us well as we deal with the challenges in front of us. So, despite the turmoil we face today, I am very optimistic about where we’re headed.
I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a recent legislative “win” for our industry.  On ­­­­July 2, Governor Cooper signed SB644, a bill that was one of AANC’s top priorities for this legislative session. AANC is very proud of the efforts that were made by our members and third-party professionals that led to the passage of this bill. More details regarding the specifics of the legislation are provided further down in this newsletter.
Additionally, we have some exciting events in the coming months that I’d like to encourage you to sign up for. In September we will be holding our AANC NextGen Webinar and in October we will have our AANC Student Housing education webinar which will be the fourth and final in the 2021 series.  Please consider joining for one or both of these sessions!
Lastly, I’d like to ask you to save the date for our 2022 AANC Education & Legislative Conference which will be held May 16-18, 2022 at the Raleigh Convention Center.  We missed seeing everyone this past year, and look forward to (hopefully) being able to come together next May!

Thanks everyone!


Jennings Snider l SYNCO Properties
AANC President