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May 16-18, 2022 | Raleigh Convention Center

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Tuesday, 5/17/22

Conference Opening/General Session Keynote l 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Creating an Inclusive Workplace l David Arrington

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is daunting, and the difficulty is often in the execution. Steeped in history and grounded in today's reality, this talk takes the mystery out of creating a more diverse workplace, one conversation at time. David also shares proven ways to break down barriers and build bridges in the workplace.

Education Breakout Sessions l 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Paradigm Shifts in the Associate Experience: Operational Components that Must Change l Mindy McCorkle

 ‘Normal’ doesn’t cut it anymore, especially where the Associate Experience is concerned. Many organizations spend tons of time talking about the Customer Experience – that is great. The Customer Experience is important. But the ASSOCIATE EXPERIENCE is long overdue for a refresh. You’re about to hear about the critical operational components that must be refreshed to enhance the associate experience so that you can attract top talent, and more importantly, retain the superstars you already have!

Organically Grown Maintenance l Andy Meador

Our country is in a real crisis. The fields of skilled workers have been over harvested and not enough seeds have been planted. As a result, there are simply not enough skilled workers to fill all the open positions. This session will give participants new ideas to cultivate their own soils, expose the right seeds, and provide the nutrients to grow their own maintenance teams organically. The seeds planted today will be the harvest of tomorrow.

Pageants, Puppies & Pitfalls - Bringing Sparkle To The ESA Discussion l Victoria Cowart, Megan Orser, Ashley Lawrence

Service or support—HUD or DOJ—FHA or ADA…do you know the differences? From the 101 basics to the 2020 HUD Assistance Animal Notice, what you need to know about assistance animals and accommodation requests while still offering the care and customer service we all desire. The topic of ESA’s has been a top-of-mind discussion for quite some time, but has it made us jaded? Join us for the opportunity to navigate these tough and important topics, while also embracing and hearing the story of one community leader, on her journey from devastation to triumph, and the pathway to compete for Miss Wheelchair USA, and how her own support animal has assisted her through the transition.

The 5 Innocent Evils of Digital Marketing l Lia Nichole Smith

Traditional digital marketing tactics are beginning to have an adverse effect with renters and could very well impact a company’s efforts to attract and retain them. This growing indifference towards an outward-facing strategy can be seen in just about every industry and multifamily is no exception. Renters today are smarter and more eagle-eyed than ever before; but what makes sense on paper could negatively disrupt a renter’s online journey. In this session, we’ll delve into five “innocent evils” related to apartment marketing and what your company can do to avoid an accidental sabotage.

Education Breakout Sessions l 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Legal Issues Update: Getting you up to speed on all things Legal l Todd Whitlow & Chris Loebsack

Join Chris and Todd for your Annual Legal Update where they will be discussing the legal trends and changes that have occurred since we were last together. With an increasing focus on the multi-family industry at both the federal and state levels of government you can rest assured that there has been increased regulations on how you conduct your business. Come hear about fair housing, debt collection, screening practices along with evictions so that you can establish and implement best practices across these complex and increasingly regulated areas of the law.

Moving from Initiative to Immersion... Keys to Creating an Inclusive Culture l Debbie Phillips

Studies reveal that 65% of employees research a company’s position on diversity, equity and inclusion before joining their team. Whether it’s fueling a pipeline of qualified leads or attracting top tier talent, companies can impact their circles of influence. In addition, employees, residents and other stakeholders respond pro-actively to inclusive cultures. Alternatively, organizations are challenged by striking a balance between adding another initiative and improving something that is already in place. This action packed workshop offers four core cornerstones that anchor business processes aimed at diversity, equity and inclusion.

Video Leasing: Creating Low-Cost Yet Powerful Videos That Convert l Kristi Fickert

In a digital-first world, the competition between management companies can be fierce. Prospects and residents alike have an array of tools at their disposal to help vet their rental experience. In this session, we will lay out how leasing teams can create low-cost yet powerful videos that convert leases. And, how to determine which DIY video platform is the most efficient fit for your team and your prospects. Lastly, we'll review how creating quality video without a paid professional videographer can be much easier than it seems.

Industry Shifts & Innovations: 50 Ideas In 50 Minutes l Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio, Andy Meador, Mindy McCorkle, Rebecca Rosario, Kena Sims, Rita Zepeda

Shift into gear and be ready blown away by an vast array of ideas by industry experts ready to “rev you up” with innovations that will prepare you for the future. This must attend session will help you gain a competitive edge through a glimpse into upcoming trends in leadership, operations, marketing, leasing, maintenance, productivity and other cutting edge ideas of what is coming next to NC.

Legislative Issues Briefing  l 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM

Wednesday, 5/18/22

NAA & AANC Legislative Update l 7:50 AM - 8:50 AM
  • NAA legislative update from Maria Spencer, NAA Director of Federal Legislative Affairs
  • Lobby Day Prep; get an in depth understanding of AANC 2022 legislative Agenda
Education Breakout Sessions l 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Identifying Human Trafficking Survivors on Properties l Nicole Bernard

North Carolina ranks in top states in the country for reports of Human Trafficking. Myths, misinformation, and misunderstandings abound around this crime and apartment staff are potential frontline responders to survivors if given accurate information. This session will provide an overview of sex and labor trafficking and the complexities surrounding the issue. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of why apartments (of all kinds) can be hubs for recruitment and harboring victims as well as where transactions may take place and how they can take measures to protect their residents and respond to victims. 

Addressing Homelessness & Affordable Housing – Innovative Market-Based Solutions l Geoff Brooks, Jamie Clary-Cruz, Beth Silverman, Elizabeth Kurtz, Scott Wilkerson

Panel discussion of innovative ways to think about housing affordability for vulnerable populations. We believe the Lotus Campaign can significantly transform the ways in which we solve homelessness in America by using a model that reduces landlord risk while increasing housing for people experiencing homelessness and employing an impact investment development model to create more housing supply. Owner/Operators will learn how they can collaborate with Lotus and with supportive services agencies to be a part of the solution without the historical real and perceived risks. The panel will also offer details on the program and inform participants how they can participate. Participants will learn the advantages to working with Lotus Campaign participants, and hear stories of how these residents are equally – if not more – likely to be great residents than those without supportive services.

Education Breakout Sessions l 10:10 AM - 11:10 AM

Unconventional Trailblazers: Creating Leadership Pathways l Chiccorra Connor, Nicole Salmieri, Melissa D. White

Cultivating a space for highly engaged team members means leaders that lean in and lead with leadership courage. Today's team members want to be apart of the conversation to shape an organization to be welcoming to all people. Everyone is talking about diversity, inclusion, and equity but this means different things to different people. Find out what it really means to shape a company, to inspire and mentor leaders and to lead in a new way. Dare to think differently by coming to this session to learn how to give resources to your team members so the leaders follow their lead. In this session, we will turn traditional leadership upside down!

Who's Tired of "Reputation Management"? l Lia Nichole Smith

The practice of “reputation management” has always been problematic. Studies indicate renters are turned off and apathetic towards communities who think it’s important to have a stellar online presence. This apathy began as early as 2013 and if you’re late to the party, here’s your chance to catch up! Join this session to learn the 5 things you can do to control...instead of manage, your reputation.

Education Breakout Sessions l 11:20 AM - 12:20 PM

Creeped Out by Bids and Scopes of Work? Top Tips to produce Successful Scopes of Work l Chris King-Dye

Creeped out by scope creep and the time-consuming process of getting bids that actually meet your needs and your budget? Then you are in the right place!  Whether you’re new to the bidding process or have written so many contracts you’ve lost count, you will walk away from today’s session with tips that will make an immediate positive difference to you and your team! 

Hustle, Work Smarter and Other Top Habits of Leasing Superstars l Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio

Leads are filling up the inbox and the phone is ringing with interested renters and others are setting online appointments. The demand is high so should our response be to meet the inquiries for the lifestyle and benefits of apartment living. Let’s step up our sales game, hustle harder and work smarter to achieve increased results. Amy will share the latest insight on customer connection, need focus and the ideal techniques that will excel your leasing success immediately. 

Conference Closing/General Session Keynote l 12:30 PM - 2:15 PM

You are the C.E.O. of Y.O.U. l Dr. Debbie Phillips

Stop waiting for others to rescue you. Take the reins and lead yourself! This workshop will offer strategies for building your personal brand along with proven methods for effective communication. You will leave energized and ready to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Each one of us is given 86,400 seconds each day to accomplish our goals; one second is too important to waste or be distracted by negative influences. In this action packed session, explore new opportunities to live your best life through positive productive actions!

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