NAA's Diversity & Inclusion On Demand Webinars

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On-Demand Webinars

Inclusive Communities Improve Resident Living Experiences
In this webinar, panelists shared the importance of creating inclusive communities where residents feel valued, safe, and understood.

Leadership in an Era of Social Turbulence​
In this webinar, Dr. Johnson will host an illuminating discussion of the six disruptive demographic trends that will change America forever and the “new” leadership toolkit required to manage turbulence and uncertainty.

Women, Diversity, Growth and Leadership in Rental Housing
In this webinar, panelists will share strategies on how companies can create pathways for career advancement from the leasing team to the executive level. 

Diversity Equity Inclusion: Considerations for Managing Diverse Teams
In this webinar, learn the tools for facilitating the personal and organizational development of a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

Forging a Path Forward to Becoming a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Organization
In this engaging discussion, panelists share what they and their companies have done and what is on their roadmap for the future. Watch the webinar to gain insights, best practices and tactics for creating equity and fostering diverse workplaces and inclusive cultures.