Career Spotlight: Danielle Williams

Member News,

Name: Danielle Williams
Company: One305 Central Apartments
Title: Assistant Community Manager
Local NC Affiliate: GCAA

Tell us about your career:

Danielle is a proud Charlotte native with an adventurous spirit who enjoys taking in cultural experiences through travel. She has a background in design and takes pride in dramatic fashion-fused visions. Her innate sense of style manifests itself in modern lines and eclecticism.   
It comes as no surprise that she would find great joy in being a resource to others in finding their dream home!  Starting out as a contractor, she quickly progressed to an Assistant Community Manager within a year. She is driven, eager to learn, and excited for the future.

Fun Fact:  She is also a licensed realtor.

What advice do you have for someone just starting in your field:

Starting a new career can be scary. By remaining focused, personable, organized, patient, self-driven, and passionate; you will excel. There are so many things to learn & perfect which is the most exciting part. Understand that you are helping someone make one of the biggest decisions at that moment which is finding a place to find home!