AANC Legislative Update - 4/19/19

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Well it has been quite an interesting couple of weeks. We have been under an avalanche of bills that have been filed over the last few weeks, many of them making major policy changes. Meanwhile, committees are meeting with a renewed level of intensity as they try to move bills before the impending cross-over deadline of May 9th, which requires bills to move out of one chamber or the other to remain eligible for consideration the rest of the session. Of course, during all this the House budget writers have been meeting behind closed doors to put their budget proposal together so that it can be released next week, which will start a whole new level of pressure and debate about priorities for the State.

Both the House and Senate are on “Spring Break” with the House leaving on the 17th and returning on the 24th and the Senate being out all next week. This break will allow legislators and staff time to spend with their families and will give everyone a short respite before the big push to get bills moving before the cross-over deadline. Besides the end of session, the cross-over deadline is the busiest time of the session as bills fly through both chambers and we are sure to see some late nights.

We hope you all have a great Easter Holiday and get some rest as we prepare for the rest of the session.

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