AANC Committees - Meet Your Volunteers - Stacey Wilfong

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Name: Stacey Wilfong
Title: Community Management Leader
Company: The Gardens at Anthony House / Signature Property Group
Local NC Affiliate: Piedmont Triad Apartment Association
Years in Industy: 21 Years
AANC Committee: Education Committee

What does volunteer leader mean to you?
Providing opportunity for my peers to see all possibilities and encourage their development through networking, helping and facilitating.

What advice do you have for others who are looking to volunteer with AANC?
Just do it! It is rewarding and a great experience.

What is your favorite AANC moment?
Last year was my first trip to AANC in Raleigh and it was such a fabulous experience. The education experience was stellar!

What is one piece of networking advice you would give to others?
I tend to be an introvert. I have to tell myself to go, get out there. It is so worth it. Our industry has wonderful, talented people that want nothing more than to TALK!

How do you define AANC?

If time was not an issue, what is one new thing you would like to learn?
How to deal with confrontational situations or people and defuse situations (resident AND HR issues). I would love a full day or 2 day session, with a great coach and very interactive. I think it would be a great course attended by many.

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