AANC News,

As we head into the holiday season, it’s a good time to reflect on what has transpired this past year.  Despite the challenges of the pandemic, it’s been a great year for the Association and for our industry as a whole. 

Some of our accomplishments for the year include:

  • Solidifying our new Strategic Plan for the Association.
  • Surpassing our 2021 PAC goal of $25,000!
  • Holding a successful virtual version of our annual conference (Illuminate Your Monitor Series).
  • Hosting our first ever quarterly Educational Webinars.
  • Partnering with a public relations firm (The Wilbert Group) to handle the Association’s ongoing PR needs.
  • Planning our first ever stand-alone trade show for the 2022 Conference.
  • Succeeding in getting SB644 passed which was one of AANC’s top priorities for the legislative session.
  • Creating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Task Force which is soon expected to become a regular AANC Committee. 

As always, I want to thank the rest of the AANC Board, the staff, and all of our association members who helped to make the above achievements possible.  Despite many of us working virtually, and rarely being able to come together in person, we were still able to accomplish a great deal.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our AANC Leadership Lyceum Class of 2021 and the upcoming Class of 2022 (highlighted further down in the newsletter).  The Leadership Lyceum program is a prestigious education series aimed at identifying, training, and empowering emerging leaders within AANC.  This talented group of individuals will help continue the great work of our Association in the years to come!
Lastly, I’d like to encourage you to go ahead and reserve your spot for next year’s Education & Legislative Conference in Raleigh.  Registration opens next month, and we are all looking forward to being able to come together in person.
Thanks everyone for a great 2021.  I look forward to serving as your President again in 2022, and I’m excited to see what we are able to accomplish as an Association!
Happy Holidays!


Jennings Snider l SYNCO Properties
AANC President