RPM Careers Spotlight: Carrie Langley

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Name: Carrie Langley
Title: Education & Membership Director
Property: Piedmont Triad Apartment Association 

Tell Us About Your Career.
My property management career began as a Resident Director and Student Activities Advisor for Kings College in Charlotte NC. I was introduced to the multi-family housing side in 1998 by a friend that believed I was a great fit as a Leasing Professional for a 693 unit property. I was able to live in different states and still have this same career that I love all while continuing to develop professionally. I quickly found my “work family” in Greensboro with Burkely Communities as a Leasing Professional and developed skills that advanced my role into Community Manager. I was fortunate to have found a company that invested in me and my growth by allowing me to participate in PTAA events, education, and leadership development opportunities. In the 11 years with Burkely, I learned that educating and training others in this industry was what I loved at my core. Thus, here I am as the Education Director for PTAA, the most amazing place to be!

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in your field?
This career is rewarding in so many ways. There are so many different career paths within property management that offer flexibility whether you are single, married, a parent, travel often, enjoy face to face interaction (or not), and even if you prefer different size teams to work with. Always look for opportunities to volunteer and share your talents and strengths. Find a company whose core values match yours and watch extraordinary things happen!

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