Governor Cooper Signed Executive Order 142

AANC News,

Today, May 30th 2020, Governor Cooper signed Executive Order 142. This impacts language regarding eviction moratorium.

This order mandates the following:   

  • Effective immediately and lasts for 3 weeks;
  • Prevents landlords from initiating summary ejections or other eviction proceedings against a tenant for nonpayment or late payment of rent;
  • Prevents landlords from assessing late fees or other penalties for late or nonpayment;
  • Prevents the accumulation of additional interest, fees, or other penalties for existing late fees while this Order is in effect;
  • Requires landlords to give tenants a minimum of six months to pay outstanding rent;
  • Requires leases to be modified to disallow evicting tenants for reasons of late or nonpayments; and
  • Makes clear that evictions for reasons related to health and safety can take place

You can read the full Executive order here. According to staff you can still file for evictions but they will not be heard until after the 21 day moratorium. The Association is working with our lobbyist team to explore all options in light of the last Order. More details will follow.

Executive Order 142