AANC Committees - Meet Your Volunteers - Craig Nardi

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Name: Craig Nardi
Title: Regional Property Manager
Company: SL Nusbaum Realty Co.
Local NC Affiliate: Triangle Apartment Association
Years in Industy: 23 Years
AANC Committee: Government Affairs Committee

What does volunteer leader mean to you?
As a volunteer leader, I have the opportunity to surround myself with champions in our industry. I have the ability to utilize and share my experience, collaborate and learn from others and hopefully have a positive impact on the future of Property Management.

What advice do you have for others who are looking to volunteer with AANC?
Do not underestimate your value!! My first year as a volunteer I felt intimidated and spent most of my time listening and learning the process. However, I was always thanked and felt appreciated for showing up and making myself available. Eventually, I was able to find my voice and my place and learn that I was not nearly alone in my thoughts and insecurities. If you have a desire to serve, then there is a place for you, the rest will come in time

What is your favorite AANC moment?
The very first Lobby Day I attended, is one that I will always remember. To observe the role and impact that our government has on our industry, yet understand that we have the ability to educate and influence our elected officials is what inspired me to to become involved.

What is one piece of networking advice you would give to others?
Be open and honest when you meet new people. The people at any networking event are much more than just the businesses they represent.

How do you define AANC?
AANC is an organization designed to support our industry on a state wide level. Because it is made up of volunteers from throughout the state, all the affiliates benefit from having the ability to support and collaborate with one another, tackle larger issues and offer education and awareness through a much larger voice.,

If time was not an issue, what is one new thing you would like to learn?
As a fan of incorporating new technology into both my personal and professional life. I would love to gain a better understanding of the computers and gadgets we are surrounded by, the Languages they speak, as well as their limitations and true potential.

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