AANC E-Notes: President's Welcome

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President's Welcome

As I enter the last year of my Presidency, I am pleased to look back at 2017 and report our accomplishments. After the big move to Raleigh with a new Executive Director at our side, we decided to seek assistance of the National Apartment Association (NAA) to help us craft a new Mission Statement and a 3-year Strategic Plan. The plan involved incorporating 10 working committees into our organizational structure to help AANC accomplish the many goals we set for ourselves.

By the end of 2017, we successfully:

  • Established 10 working committees
  • Conducted a Board of Directors Orientation
  • Established a PAC donation portal on the AANC Website
  • Held regular Government Affairs conference calls to keep
  • updated on advocacy concerns throughout the state
  • Created a Task Force to determine the Legislative needs of the AANC and how best to meet those needs
  • Continued improvement of our Annual Education & Legislative Conference
  • Conducted outreach to our smaller member Affiliates
  • Strengthened the State Suppliers Council

Under the guidance of strong committee chairs and co-chairs, our AANC continues to move forward in their Strategic Plan initiatives.

In addition to achieving our strategic plan goals on time, Executive Director, Will Brownlee, has hired 2 full-time employees for the first time in AANC history. We are on our way to becoming a full-time association representing 7 Affiliate Members throughout North Carolina. During 2017 I've been able to meet with the smaller Affiliate Members and have heard about their challenges and successes as local associations. Those challenges haven't gone unnoticed and AANC will continue to strive to assist and be a resource to their success.

It's both challenging and rewarding to be a part of what is a new organization! Although we have a 30-year history, with the relocation and new staffing we have basically started over with multiple challenges from all of the overwhelming changes.

I congratulate Will and his team for their efforts in putting out the fires and "getting it done" which have allowed us to continue down the pathway of growth and success.

I am privileged to continue to serve the AANC.

Kellie J. Falk, Drucker & Falk, LLC
President, Apartment Association of North Carolina