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Tuesday, 5/21/19

Conference Opening/General Session Keynote | 8:45 AM

Kevin Snyder

Education Breakout Session | 10:30 AM 

Legal Update | Chris Loebsack, Todd Whitlow

  • A legal update presentation followed by extensive Q&A for all attendees. The session will cover debt collection issues, fair housing components, and more!

Market Update for North Carolina: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | Ann Cone

  • This session will give you an overview of the apartment markets in North Carolina and how they compare with each other and the Southeast. We will also discuss which trends are hot and which have fizzled out. 
  • Panelists: Howard Jenkins, CBRE Raleigh and Nate Sittema, CBRE Charlotte

Total Team Tactics for Higher Occupancy | Kate Good

  • Attracting and retaining customers is not one person's job/ It takes an entire team of dedicated professionals working towards the same goal. In this session, we will dicuss how to activate and motivate every person on your team to work together for higher performance and occupancy. 

Maintenance is from Mars, the Office is from Venus | Chad Moulin

  • Help us help the residents! This class is for all property management professionals: office, maintenance, and regional! The office staff plays a crucial role in customer service from the maintenance team. How do you open up communication between maintenance and the office? How can the office staff help maintenance get the job done fast and done right the first time? Learn the tips to make it happen. The maintenance staff and the residents will thank you for it. 
Education Breakout Sessions | 1:15 PM

New Developments in Fair Housing | Terry Kitay

  • Many new decisions, regulations, guidance, and interpretations of the requirements of the Fair Housing Act emerge every year, each of which can have a profound effect on how housing providers do business. Other things don't change, despite rumors to the contrary. Learn about the latest developments (and what hasn't changed) in fair housing, including assistance animals, disparate impact, affirmatively furthering fair housing, and more. 

Public and Market Approaches to Housing Modest Income Households | Ken Szymanski

  • Hear from expert panelists and participate in the discussion on the broad-ranging definition of affordable, learn about the low-income set-asides, proposed legislation, innovative ideas and so much more. You don’t want to miss this 60 minute session that will leave time for audience Q&A.

  • Panelist Include: Tami Fossum (GEM Management), Will Parry Hill (North Carolina Housing Finance Agency), Philip Payne (Ginkgo Residential), Gregg Warren (DHIC)

Habit Stacking: Routines, Rituals, & Responses | Dr. Debbie Phillips

  • Ninety-five percent of our success if a result of our habits. Actions as simple as planning for the next day by listing the "3 Most Important Items to Accomplish Tomorrow" is a great way to create  successful outcomes. People often express desire to change but aren't willing to change their thinking. Focusing on what really matters means having to say many "no's" so that our "YES" can be powerful and distinctive. When we shift from good to great, there will be times that we encounter pushback, conflicts and difficult conversations. This workshoip focuses on how to effectively create a routine that sets us up for success and outlines powerful rituals that successful people have in common. 

Maintenance - Your Frontline of Resident Retention | Andrew Botieri

  • After the lease is made, the group that has the biggest impact on tentention & renewals are your maintenance teams. Your residents see more of your maintenance staff than your leasing team.  Learn 4 key tips on how your maintenance teams can help increase renewals by creating "WOW" moments with each resident through unique service requests, using new technology effectively and participating in weekly renewal & team meetings. Learn 4 ways to create "moments of truth" at every opportunity so things don't fall through the cracks... let's not let that happen. The goal is to reduce turnover costs while delivering "world-class" customer service and creating raving residents who renew with an increase!
Education Breakout Sessions | 2:45 PM

The Power of Inclusion | Tru Pettigrew

  • This session will be delivered in the form of Tru's personal story of overcoming biases and barriers that were preventing him from experiencing the true power of inclusion. This story will take the audience on the journey of how Tru was inspired to initiate courageous conversations with local Law Enforcement on the issue of race relations between the police and communities of color, and how those conversations led to Building Bridges of Trust & Legitimacy throughout an entire community and beyond. After this session, audience members will have EXPLORED biases, REFLECTED on resolution, UNDERSTOOD the true power of inclusion and DEVELOPED smart action steps to create cultures of inclusion.

Dream Builders vs Dream Busters | Dr. Debbie Phillips

  • Seventy-six percent of the things we say to ourselves are negative. More than 60% of workers are aware of abusive conduct in the workplace or having worked in a toxic environment. These statistics underscore the need for positivity. Negativity stymies productivity and as a result, people are less motivated to do their best work. This workshop unpacks the following topics and makes the case for increasing employee engagement. We always move in the direction of our talk!
    • Strategies for creating a climate of candor and collaboration
    • Techniques for minimizing turf guarding
    • Twelve drivers of employee engagement
    • Tools for identifying strengths and maximizing employee productivity

Leveraging the Glamour of Google to Gain Your Marketing Edge | Kristi Fickert

  • Google is today’s marketing power platform, and you’re most likely already using it in some capacity to lease more apartments. However, Google is constantly upgrading their tools, announcing new features, and launching additional products to help businesses get discovered online. Our experts will bring you up-to-speed with trending advancements from Google, so you can become an early adopter and get discovered in search results before your competitors. Leave this session with insight into offerings that can dish an assist to your overall leasing strategy, as well as generate and showcase the greatest return on your digital marketing investment. No matter your role or position, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to ask the right questions of your digital partners and drive your search engine strategy to achieve winning results. You’ll learn more about Google’s vast array of free marketing tools, and how to increase the power of performance without spending more of your precious marketing dollars. Together, we’ll discuss which Google products make the most sense for multifamily marketers and walk through real-world examples of how your team can leverage Google’s tools in your own campaigns. You’ll also receive a first-hand look into what’s coming next within the Google suite of products, so you can beat your competition to the digital punch.

Maintenance Zen | Chad Moulin

  • How to Change Your Service Team's Culture - Zen. One way to think of Zen is a total state of focus that involves the body and the mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion. That is also what Maintenance Zen is all about. Find out how to build your service teams for success. You will learn how to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of your property, your team and possibly even yourself. Change your culture and change your future.
Legislative Update & PAC Raffle Reception | 4:15 PM 

Fred Tayco | National Apartment Association

Colleen Kochanek | Kochanek Law Group

Wednesday, 5/22/19

Education Breakout Sessions | 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM, 11:00 AM

You Were Just Promoted, Now What? | Andrew Botieri

  • It never fails, you get promoted and before you can get proper training to be a superstar, you are thrown into the proverbial “baptism by fire”. Transitioning from a leasing or maintenance pro to property manager or supervisor is not easy. Learn the 5 proven leadership and coaching skills from the “Turn-Around Specialist” who helped put Apartment Guide and HomeStore on the map. You’ll be provided with the tools to inspire and coach your new team to success. We’ll also share 5 effective coaching techniques to transform you into a success coach. You’re in the PEOPLE business…handle with care!

How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Community | Kelly Thomas and Kate Irving Jarrell

  • There are so many social media options these days, but how can we use them to sell our apartment communities? Industry veteran Kelly Thomas and Marketing powerhouse Kate Irving Jarrell gives us actionable tips on how your teams can stand out on social media, increase engagement and market your communities using popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Beyond Communication: The Art of Connecting | Jason Stoughton

  • The only thing that stands between you and success isn't experience, resources, a better opportunity or even talent. If you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. It's that simple. And, while it may seem like some folks are just born with it, the fact is anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection.
Conference Closing/General Session Speaker | 12:15 PM

Albert Mensah | Raise Your Sails

  • Raise Your Sails! Multifamily professionals weather different kinds of winds and storms in our workplaces. There are so many challenges that we face as multifamily professionals and they are like ropes that keep us tied up to the docks. We are made to sail and serve our purpose.

    How do we do that? By continuing our education, networking, and supporting each other. When we are together, we can paddle our way through the high seas.

    The winds of grace are always blowing. We have to untie the ropes, raise the sails, and sail in any situation. We will always remain hopeful of the great and powerful things that are yet to come!