Supplier/Vendor Benefits

Unified Voice

AANC acts as a unified voice representing the apartment industry to the NC Legislature, NC Regulatory Bodies (including the NC Building Code Council, the NC Utilities Commission & numerous other NC Departments), and the community. Our strength-in-numbers makes a difference as we collectively provide housing for more than 900,000 residents in North Carolina and represent almost 500,000 apartment homes. Learn More

Multiple Association Membership

Ability to join any of the 7 NC local apartment associations and the National Apartment Association (NAA). Learn More

Legislative Success

AANC provides more than two decades of success with NC Landlord-Tenant Law, Fair Housing, NC Building Code, State Environmental Regulations, Court Cases, Local Ordinances, NC Real Estate Commission Rules, and so much more. Learn More

Professional Lobbying Team

Led by Colleen Kochanek, Kochanek Law Group, AANC's lobbying team helps ensure lawmakers are aware and understand how bills and issues can affect the apartment industry. Learn More


AANC members enjoy the benefit of networking at various state-wide and local events as well as receiving education & training at both the state and local level. /events

Professional Staff

AANC professional staff is available to address member needs as well as keep the NC apartment industry on the forefront of emerging trends. Learn More